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Sunrise Over the Sea

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Originally posted on Sunrise…Travel Talk with Maggi: To see the Image on your phone or tablet, click the canvas link Click link for a copy of Russell Island Jetty at Sunrise…. Leaving Russell Island Jetty on…

Morning on Sandy Beach Russell Island

Morning on Sandy Beach Russell Island.

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Sunrise Before the Rain and the History of Tin Can Bay

Sunrise Before the Rain and the History of Tin Can Bay.

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Madrid to Barcelona…..driving a rented Renault in Spain by myself in 2001

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Madrid to Barcelona

The little Renault and me are having a great time weaving in and out
of lanes, driving over some magnificent terrain. Spain is beautiful. 

From Madrid to Goyagoza are castles, medieval towns from days gone by, and amazing ruins of every description.


The freeway powers forth to the coast, and every few kilometers  is a turn off
 to a  different town.  It took me a while to realize, that it is possible to veer off the main highway, visit whatever town is lurking in the eaves of the freeway and then back, without even leaving the car or missing a beat, coming straight back on to the highway and continuing on. I went off on every single detour once I realised I could do this and the ruins and the small communities are simple wonderful with breathtaking views, as they are mostly on top of mountains.



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Bedourie Spa and Swimming Centre

Sunrise...Travel Talk with Maggi

Hot Spa

Bedourie’s Artesian Spa and Swimming Pool Complex has a 22 person Therapeutic Spa, which is one of the favorite for locals and visitors alike. The crystal clear water comes directly from the artesian bore in town and the 25 metre swimming pool is beautifully cool after your time in the spa.

PoolsThere are three pools…the main pool which is freshly cold, the children’s pool which is also cold, and the Spa which is very hot.

The Bedourie Aquatic Centre was built to incorporate the natural clear water coming directly from the town’s original bore head which was drilled in 1905 to a depth of 400m.

The Bedourie Aquatic Centre was opened in November 2000. The complex features a 25m swimming pool, a wading pool and a 22 person hot artesian spa reaching temperatures of 40 degrees celcius. The complex is open daily from 6am to 8pm (September 1…

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Living in Alaska, or anywhere, you get accustomed to what is around you. You don’t think much about it.  You even take it for granted sometimes.  However, if you look more closely there is usually a fair amount of fascinating, amazing, phenomenal, awesome stuff going on. For me one of those things is how life goes on in a place where day length can be less than 4 hours and temperatures are stay below freezing for months and even plummet well below minus 40 degrees. Here is a glimpse of some interesting strategies you can find in the far north to deal with winter’s harshness…

bumble bee

Bumble bees grow dense “hairs” to hold heat and when it’s really cold, they shiver. They can hold body temperatures as high as 86F/30C above air temperatures. Remember, insects are poikilotherms (i.e cold blooded) and rely on the outside air temperature for  their bodies…

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