Sandy Beach Russell Island

Sandy Beach Russell island….

Sunrise...Travel Talk with Maggi

Sandy Beach Russell Island

Sandy Beach1

Locals need somewhere to drive their cars so everyone drives to the other end of Russell island, a distance of 6 kms, to Sandy Beach. It is a beautiful spot, a sandy beach, inhabited by many sand crabs, who leave their droppings on the sand at low tide. It is also a great fishing place, and in season, the months with an ‘r’ in it, a great crabbing spot where huge mud crabs lurk in corners and deep in the water.


There is a barbecue area with free electric barbecues and covered picnic tables, with a playground for children, a walking park for dogs, and toilets and a cold outdoor shower, with plenty of fresh water. The Lions Club has created a free camping park here to attract sailors and canoeists to overnight on the grass beside the boat ramp. The best part is, that if…

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Promise Yourself

The story of Love

Some quotations on Love…The Story of Love

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Sunrise Over the Sea

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Morning on Sandy Beach Russell Island

Morning on Sandy Beach Russell Island.

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Sunrise Before the Rain and the History of Tin Can Bay

Sunrise Before the Rain and the History of Tin Can Bay.

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Madrid to Barcelona…..driving a rented Renault in Spain by myself in 2001

Sunrise...Travel Talk with Maggi

Madrid to Barcelona

The little Renault and me are having a great time weaving in and out
of lanes, driving over some magnificent terrain. Spain is beautiful. 

From Madrid to Goyagoza are castles, medieval towns from days gone by, and amazing ruins of every description.


The freeway powers forth to the coast, and every few kilometers  is a turn off
 to a  different town.  It took me a while to realize, that it is possible to veer off the main highway, visit whatever town is lurking in the eaves of the freeway and then back, without even leaving the car or missing a beat, coming straight back on to the highway and continuing on. I went off on every single detour once I realised I could do this and the ruins and the small communities are simple wonderful with breathtaking views, as they are mostly on top of mountains.



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