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Living in Alaska, or anywhere, you get accustomed to what is around you. You don’t think much about it.  You even take it for granted sometimes.  However, if you look more closely there is usually a fair amount of fascinating, amazing, phenomenal, awesome stuff going on. For me one of those things is how life goes on in a place where day length can be less than 4 hours and temperatures are stay below freezing for months and even plummet well below minus 40 degrees. Here is a glimpse of some interesting strategies you can find in the far north to deal with winter’s harshness…

bumble bee

Bumble bees grow dense “hairs” to hold heat and when it’s really cold, they shiver. They can hold body temperatures as high as 86F/30C above air temperatures. Remember, insects are poikilotherms (i.e cold blooded) and rely on the outside air temperature for  their bodies…

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