Taking a Phone Message..Dialogue


The phone is ringing..Answer it please.

Hello. This is John

Hello John, Can I speak to Sally please?

She is not here at the moment. Can I take a message?

OK. Tell her Mary called and could she please call me back.

OK. I will do that.

Thank you

Here is another answer from a business. The phone rings and the assistant answers it.

Good Morning. Holiday Hotel.  This is Lisa speaking. How can I help you?

Good morning Lisa. This is Mary Brown. I would like to book a room for this weekend for one person.

Let me see. Yes we have a room available. Cost 300 yuan.

Thank you. That will be fine.

What is your name for the booking?

Mary Brown

Your home address?

208 Main Street, Yangquan.

Your Contact phone number…a mobile number would be good.

234 546 575

Thank you.  I will repeat that..234 546 575. Will you be paying cash or card?

I will pay cash.

What time will you arrive?

I will be there about 2pm. I could be later but not earlier.

That is fine thank you. The room will be ready for you.

Thank you

Here are some other phone calls for you to listen to.


In this episode, you will hear two phone dialogues. In each one, there will be clarifying questions and confirming statements. See if you can hear some of them. The first dialogue is followed by a slower version so you can listen and repeat. Below you will find the transcripts. Enjoy!

Taking Messages Transcripts:
Confirming Information for Message Taking
Dialogue 1

Housekeeping: Hello, Housekeeping, this is Chris.
Call Center: Hello, This is Debbie from the call center. Ms. Montehue Room 545 needs extra pillows sent up. Could you send someone up there?
Housekeeping: Sure, what’s the guest’s name again?
Call Center: Montehue.
Housekeeping: How do you spell that?
Call Center: M-O-N-T-E-H-U-E
Housekeeping: Thank you. So that’s Montehue in Room 454.
Call Center: No, It’s room 5-4-5, Montehue.
Housekeeping: Got it. Room 545, Montehue,
Call Center: That’s right.
Housekeeping: How many pillows again?
Call Center: 2 pillows, please.
Housekeeping: No problem.
Call Center: Thank you!

Commentary Points:

Notice the clarifying questions:

• “What’s the guest’s name again?”
• “How do you spell that?”
• “How many pillows again?”

Notice the confirming statements:

• “So that’s Montehue in Room 454.”
• “Got it. Room 545, Montehue.”

Taking Messages Transcripts:
Dialogue 2

Room Service: Room Service, this is Fiona, how can I help you?
Guest: Yes, hi! I’d like to order some food.
Room Service: Alright, do you know what you would like to order?
Guest: I’m not sure. I don’t see a menu here in my room.
Room Service: If you look on the table next to the television in your room, you should see a menu there. Do you see it?
Guest: Oh yes! Now I see it. Ok, let’s see… I’d like a hamburger with a side order of fries instead of onion rings – no cheese whatsoever on the burger. And no onions…
Room Service: Alright…
Guest: And I’ll also have a Cesar Salad. What’s the difference between traditional or light?
Room Service: Light means the dressing is non-fat and traditional is regular dressing.
Guest: I’ll take light. Can you put the dressing on the side?
Room Service: Yes, we can put it on the side.
Guest: Ok, that’s all.
Room Service: Would you like anything to drink?
Guest: Oh, yes. Just a second. Two bottles of water…Whoa! Wait a minute – It’s $7.00 for a bottle of water?! Nevermind.
Room Service: Alright, ma’am, so that’s a hamburger with French fries instead of onion rings, no cheese, no onions on the burger. How would you like your burger cooked?
Guest: Medium – Rare is fine.
Room Service: Medium – rare on the burger. Light Cesar Salad, with dressing on the side, and nothing to drink. Is that correct?
Guest: Yes, that’s right.
Room Service: Could you tell me your room number, please?
Guest: We’re in room 1014.
Room Service: 1014, thanks, and could you tell me your name, please?
Guest: Melissa Waterworth.
Room Service: Thank you. Could you spell the last name for me, please?
Guest: Sure, it’s W-A-T-E-R-W-O-R-T-H
Room Service: Thank you, Ms. Waterworth. Your total will be $28. Your order should arrive within the next 20 minutes.
Guest: Thank you! Bye-bye.
Room Service: You’re welcome, goodbye.


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