Daily Activity….What is your typical day

My Typical Day..Dialogue of a Teacher

How do you spend your days?

Well, the days change but mostly I get up at 5am and go on the Internet. Then I have breakfast of Oats and milk and a cup of coffee and go to work.  Classes are different every day.  Monday I start at 11am and Thursday I start at 10 am.

In the evenings I have adult classes at 5 pm and online classes at 7pm, so I am very busy.

A Typical Day for a Student:

I get up at 6 am when I hear the bell, then I wash and have breakfast and go to School. We start at 8 am for Reading, then classes start at 9 am. We have 2 hours for lunch and Iwill go and rest or do some study.

Afternoon classes start at 2 pm, then dinner at 6pm after which we return to school for another 3 hours. We do this for 5 days, and have classes on Saturday too.

What do you do on Sunday?

I like to sleep in and go shopping, and every 2 weeks we have special classes at school on Sunday Morning. We are very busy and study most of our time.


This lesson is called Charlene’s Typical Day.


Activity #1
Charlene is going to talk about a typical day at her work. Listen to the recording. Do you do some of these activities during your day? Listen again and write down some of the verbs you hear. Finally, read the transcript to check your work.


What do you do everyday?

Well, I get up at 6:30 in the morning and at 8 o’clock, I catch the four train then transfer to the seven train. I arrive at work at 9:30 am and I drink my coffee and check my email at the same time. After that, I review my “To-do” list and calendar. Next I check the news and while I eat breakfast, I start working on my first project on my list. When I finish the first project, I do the next budget. I eat lunch at 2pm. After lunch, I go back to work and complete the next project. I talk to vendors, place orders and sometimes negotiate contracts. I leave between five thirty and six o’clock and I pick up my daughter. When I arrive home, I help her with her homework, then I prepare dinner. After dinner, I give my daughter a bath and put her to bed. Then I have time for myself. I go to bed between 12 and 1am.

Activity #2
Using this as a model, write down what you do every day. You want to be as specific as possible. Try to list all the work related tasks you do in a typical day.

Activity #3
Now, try to put Charlene’s typical day into the Past Tense. How many verbs do you know in the past without looking them up?

Activity #4
Last activity! It’s your turn. Ask a partner about their day at work. What did they do yesterday? Tell them what you did at your job. Are your jobs similar?


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