Student Excursion to Nashan Park Yangquan

Golden Pond Nashan Park

On Sunday Students who wish to attend a walk at Nashan Mountain will meet their teachers and classmates at the Entrance in front of Nashan Park.
They will walk the beautiful gardens as a group, and see the Autumn Trees and sights at Nashan park.

Here is a Movie about the Outing.

There is a bus To Nashan Park. You take any bus from Yangquan as Nashan Park is on the way to the Bus Station, and also the Railway Station at Yangquan.


  1. Did you attend the Outing?
  2. What did you like best?
  3. Who did you come with?
  4. Did you climb the Tower at Nashan Park?
  5. Did you see the animals?
  6. Did you see the monkeys?
  7. Were the trees golden?
  8. Did you see any statues?
  9. What flowers were in the gardens?
  10. Have you been to Nashan Park before?
  11. What did you see when you went to Nashan Park?

Here is a Slide Show about the Outing the slideshow of Nashan Park

Write a story about nashan Park.

Does it look a good place to go?

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