Talk About Food

Talk About Food

You are in a restaurant and are selecting the food to eat


Restaurant Food


1.     Do you like to eat Chicken or pork?

2.     Do you want to eat meat or fish?

3.     What vegetables do you want to have?

4.     Do you want it spicy or not hot?

5.     Would you like some fish?

6.     The dumplings are good here, shall we have some?

7.     Shall we have millet or vegetable soup?

8.     Do you want peanuts or sunflower seeds?

9.     Shall we have a beef hotpot?

10.  Do you want rice or noodles?


1.     I like chicken and vegetables

2.     Pork is nice. I would like pork

3.     I like corn, tomato and potato vegetable

4.     Green vegetables are nice.

5.     Spicy please, I like spicy food

6.     Not too spicy. I do not like very spicy food

7.     I like the steamed fish.

8.     Let’s have some peanuts and sunflower seeds.

9.     I also like walnuts and cucumber

10.  May I have noodles and dumplings


1.     What about some juice or yogurt?

2.     Would you like some juice or some yogurt?

3.     I would like green tea

4.     We will have the wine. Do you want a wine?

5.     Would you like a glass of wine?

6.     Can you bring us some water please?

7.     Can I have pear juice, or pineapple juice?

8.     Do you have coco cola?

9.     What drinks do you have?

10. Can we have some hot water please?

Conversation: Dialogue

Have you been to this restaurant before?

Yes, we came last year for Teachers Day. It is very good food.

What will we have to eat?

Try the is delicious. We also enjoy the beef.

I really like fish, so can we order some fish dishes?

Sure..what about prawns? Do you like prawns too?

I like all seafood very much.

I really like meat..beef and pork and Chicken. I like beef.

I do not like too much meat, but I like some of the dishes.

What about vegetables? We must have some vegetables

OK. I like them too, especially the green vegetable and cucumber.

This is a wonderful Menu. There is so many good dishes to have.

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