Stop Smoking

No Smoking

Reference:  Senior English Book 2A page 8

At present about 38 percent of the Chinese population smoke.

89 percent of smokers are male.

Every year millions of people die from illnesses caused by smoking.

In 1989 the Chinese Government received 24 billion yuan from the sales of tobacco, but spent 28 billion yuan looking after people with illnesses caused by smoking.

China produces one third of the world’s cigarettes. Each day about 220 million packets of cigarettes are smoked by Chinese. This is good news for the tobacco companies but bad news for the health of the nation. Each year millions of smokers die from the habit of smoking.

In Britain, which has a population of 58 million people, 110,000 die from smoking each year? The chance is that one in four people will die each year from smoking.

Today there is banning of smoking in public places so people can be smoke free if they do not smoke. You cannot smoke in public transport, in restaurants, shops and other facilities used by the public. Many workplaces and homes also ban smoking, and people have to go outside if they wish to smoke.

People find it difficult to give up smoking because of a drug called nicotine, which is difficult to give up.


1.    Why is smoking a bad habit?

2.    Do you think banning cigarettes in public places is bad?

3.    Are there any rules about smoking in your city?

4.    Do you like smoking? Why or why not?

Questions for Discussion

1.     What do you think are the greatest dangers of smoking?

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Other illnesses caused by smoking

2.     What do you dislike about smoking?

  • Yellow fingers and teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Smelly clothes
  • Smelly rooms

3.     Which of the sentences do you agree with?

  • A smoker should have the freedom to smoke where they like.
  • A non-smoker should have the freedom to enjoy smoke free areas.
  • Smoking is a waste of money
  • People can decide what they want to do.

4.     Do you think these sentences are true?

  • People who share homes or offices with smokers may become ill because of other people smoking
  • Babies become ill if parents smoke at home
  • If a mother smokes before a baby is born, the baby will be smaller and will be ill after it is born

5.     Should cigarettes be made more expensive?

6.     What should be done to encourage young people not to smoke?

7.     Should there be smoking and non-smoking areas in restaurants and at work?

What is your Chinese name?

What is your English name?

Where do you live?

Do you smoke or are you going to smoke one day?

Why is smoking a bad habit?


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