Smoking Statistics

Over the last decade, between the years of 1999-2009 the deaths due to smoking have increased drastically.

Many people admit that they try smoking to see what it抯 like or to fit in with a group. Most have seen advertisements for purchasing tobacco and get the idea from billboards or commercials. The commercials try to get smokers to believe that they will fit in better with a group or that smoking will reduce stress.

Also, once you start to smoke it is very difficult to quit. It has been said that out of the 45 million people who smoke worldwide, 70% of the people want to quit.

That is over half of the smokers who are doing something that in their heart they really don’t want to do.

Some adults do not see the harm in smoking around their children since they are not the ones that are puffing the cigarette. However, this myth is very wrong. Second hand smoke increases the chance of getting a heart disease by up to 30%. Children can also develop severe bronchitis as well as asthma.

Between this past decade, over 500,000 deaths and illnesses have occurred due to smoking the leading illness being Lung Cancer. Others include Ischemic Heart Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Stroke, different types of cancer as well as others

Below is a list of facts that have occurred due to smoking:

� One in every ten people die because of a disease related to smoking
� One in every three adults smoke a cigarette daily
� Ten million cigarettes are purchased in stores every minute throughout the world
� One person dies every ten seconds from smoking
� One in every five children try a cigarette and become addicted to them for years on end
� Everyday about ninety thousand children try a cigarette (luckily some don’t continue)
� Second hand smoke may be just as dangerous to children as smoking a cigarette themselves
� The highest percentage of people that smoke are between the ages of 25 and 44.

Do not continue or start to smoke.

Statistics have shown that your life is shortened with each and every cigarette you inhale.


  1. Why do so many people smoke when they are being told its bad to smoke?
  2. How many people die from Smoking?
  3. Is smoking second Hand smoke dangerous?
  4. What diseases are caused by smoking?
  5. How many children try a cigarette?
  6. What is the ages of the highest number of smokers?
  7. Why do you think this is so high for this age group?


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