Helping Phrases

Helping Phrases

Reference: Senior English Book 2, page 13


Use these to offer help

1.     Can I help you?

2.     Shall I help you?

3.     Would you like me to help you?

4.     Can I do this for you?

5.     Is there anything I can do to help?

Use these to accept help

1.     Thanks. Yes please

2.     Thank you for your help

3.     Thanks for helping me

4.     That’s very kind of you

5.     That is nice of you to help me

Use these to refuse help

1.     Its all right, thank you

2.     Its OK, I can do it myself

3.     Thank you, but I can mange it

4.     No thanks, I am OK

5.     Thank you  for offering to help me, but I will be all right

6.     No Thank you.

Work in pairs. Offer to do something for each other

1.     Help with homework

2.      Help to cook a dinner

3.     Show you hoe to use the computer

4.     Teach you a game

5.     Go shopping

6.     Show you where the office is


Dialogue: Giving Instructions

A: Would you like some help?

B: Yes, please

A: What are you looking for?

B: I am trying to find the Office

A: That is easy. You go down to the end and down the steps, and the Office is on the right.

B: Thank you.

A: Can I help you with anything more?

B: Well, I was looking for somewhere to have lunch after the meeting

A: Can I suggest the restaurant near the school. You walk outside, turn right and walk until you see a restaurant. That is a good place to eat.

B: Thank you, I shall have a look

A: If you walk to the left and keep walking, you will find another restaurant there.

A: Thank you. I think I will walk down the street and see what restaurants there are and then decide

B: That is a good idea.

A: Are there any street stalls selling food?

B: Yes, but you will have to turn down the road to the left, and then walk towards the Supermarket. There are many small stalls and restaurants there

A: thank you. I will see how much time I have. I also need to go to the Supermarket for some milk

B: That is easy. Turn left at the school gate, then left again and then right and left, and you will reach the Supermarket. It takes 10 minutes

A: That sounds a long way. Is there a market?

B: Yes, you will need to walk outside the school, turn left and then go down the street in front, and you will come there.

A: Thank you for your help

B: You are welcome


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