Walt Disney ..Unit 2

Unit 1 Level 2 English


The Story of Walt Disney


Walt Disney the great film maker was born in Chicago in America in 1901.

His greatest wish was to be a famous artist one day, and he did many drawings and sketches. He went to a newspaper office in the town he was living to get a job as an artist. They looked at his drawings and said, “Sorry Young Man. We are not interested in your pictures.”

His friends tried to encourage him. They said, “Don’t worry. Your work is good. We know you will be a great artist some day.”

He did not lose heart. He continued to draw many pictures. His family was poor, and he would sit on the floor in the garage, and draw in the dust. One day a mouse came and played on the floor. Walt gave him a piece of bread and everyday the mouse would come and visit him and he would feed him and play with him.

Some years later, he was still trying to get a job as an artist, and was still unsuccessful. One day he remembered the mouse that used to come out of his fathers garage and started to draw him. Day after day he experimented and drew different pictures of the mouse he had known. At last he was pleased with the mouse and called it Mickey Mouse.

Disney’s success had become as a cartoon maker. He soon drew other cartoon mouse characters like Donald Duck and made many cartoons about them. These were all short cartoons. Before the days of television, they used to be shown in cinemas all over the country as a short film before the big film. He became very popular. Soon he started to make longer films. All of them were loved by children.

Disney died in 1966, but the studios are still busy producing more and more interesting films based on his characters.


Note Taking:

Write notes about Walt Disney

  • Born:
  • Died:
  • Wish:
  • Work:
  • Cartoon Characters:
  • Became well known:
  • Successes:

A Newspaper is writing a story about Walt Disney.

They have sent you, the reporter to ask him questions and to write the story.

Here is a dialogue about Walt Disney

  • May I ask you when you were born, Mr Disney?
  • I was born in …..
  • Could you tell me about your family?
  • My family was very …..
  • What was your dream?
  • I always wanted to be a famous …….
  • What happened when you went for a job?
  • The Newspaper told me my pictures were not …….
  • What did you do?
  • I went home and drew many more pictures. I did not lose heart.
  • Where did you get the idea for the story of Mickey Mouse?
  • I used to play with a small mouse in my family’s garage and feed him bread. He was my inspiration for the cartoons.
  • What other cartoon characters did you create?
  • I also created Donald…….
  • Where were these cartoons shown?
  • They were shown in movie theatres before the main film.
  • What happened next?
  • I started drawing long cartoons and soon children loved them and I became famous.
  • Thank you Mr Disney. Your story is one of someone who never gave up his dream


  • Can you draw cartoons?
  • Have you seen a cartoon called Mickey Mouse?
  • What do you think of the Mickey Mouse cartoons?
  • What cartoons are popular today?
  • Do you like cartoons?
  • Why?

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