Good Friend … Unit 1

Unit 1: Good Friends




  • Talk about friends
  • Talk about likes and dislikes
  • Use direct speech…He says,
  • Use indirect speech…She says that…
  • Write and email

What words describe people?

Kind honest brave beautiful loyal happy wise strong handsome rich smart funny gentle true faithful generous clever

This is Me… This is what my friend should be

Which of these people would you like to be friends with?

John is 17 years old. He likes football. He also likes reading, especially stories about people from other countries. He does not like singing or computers. He thinks Rock Music is terrible
Ann is 16 years old. She loves dancing, computers and rock music. She hates hiking and classical music. She does not like to read. She likes dogs and has a poodle
Steve is 16 years old and loves swimming and surfing. His other hobbies are reading and singing. He plays the guitar and sings. He does not like hiking and he does not like loud music. He also thinks football is boring.
Peter is 17 years old. He loves to sing and dance. He loves loud music and computer games. He thinks classical music is boring and terrible and likes reading comics and magazines
Sarah is 17 years old. Her interests are reading stories and books about people and their adventures. She likes to play the piano and listen to classical music. She paints and draws and is very good at Art.
Joe is a 16 year old boy who really likes computers. He spends a lot of time making programs and playing computer games. He surfs the net a lot and downloads music and movies. He does not like football or hiking or any sport. He likes to watch TV.

Make a list of their likes and dislikes

Name John Steve Peter Ann Sarah Joe You

Useful expressions

He/She likes….             He/She enjoys……….             He/She/doesn’t like…..

He/She is fond of…..     He/She   thinks that……..      He/She Hates…….

I’m sure that……            I think that………….            Perhaps……

Write a story about yourself.

How old are you?

What do you like doing?

What interests and hobbies do you enjoy?

What do you hate doing?

Which of the people above would you like to be friends with?

Why do you like them?

Which one would you not like to be friends with?

Why do you not like them?


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